The Moment She Left

Kesterly-on-Sea is full of secrets.

Some are darker than others; many are shameful. One is even deadly.


Andee is an ex-detective whose marriage is breaking up. So when a young female student disappears without trace, she throws herself into the search.


Meanwhile, the town’s beloved Rowzee Cayne has just discovered that she is terminally ill, and doesn’t want to burden her family and friends with the news.


Andee and Rowzee don’t know it yet, but their journeys are going to help them uncover a secret. One that is going to affect them more than they could ever imagine.

Reviews for “The Moment She Left”

  • Anne Joyce says:

    Just finished this, couldn`t put it down,this is the third Susan Lewis book I have read and can`t wait to read some more

  • Donna says:

    I absolutely loved this book! I could not put it down. It made me smile, made me cry and also made think. I know I’ve read a good book when it takes a while for me to stop thinking about it long after I’ve put it down, “From the moment she left” was one of those books. Thank you Susan Lewis. In a day or so I shall be picking up “Hiding in Plain Sight”

  • Jacquie says:

    Just finished my first Susan Lewis book No child of mine what a great read the 3ndi g was great bt I have a feeling that may chang3 in the sequel fantastic read I brought the book from my local s army just ordered some more and great price thanks for the first of many reads

  • Janet says:

    My first Susan Lewis book to read. I’m so anxious to read more! I felt like I really came to know the characters and just enjoyed every page. I looked forward to reading every day.
    I picked this up at the library on a whim.
    Now anxious to read more of Lewis novels. 🙂

    • Susan Lewis says:

      Hi Janet, I’m so thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this book and would like to read more. I really hope that the others are equally as enjoyable for you.

  • Nicola says:

    Another amazing story written beautifully by this fantastic author I just can’t get enough of. From the moment you pick up the book it is just too hard to put down till you have read the last word! The only problem I have with Susan Lewis is that she is just one woman and can only write so fast … LOL I am insatiable where it comes to Susan Lewis books!!

    I cant wait for the next ….

  • Scarlett says:

    Just finished this one. I know I can’t go wrong with a Susan Lewis book. I read this one in a day and had a few tears by the end. Great read!

  • Madeline says:

    Wow Susan Lewis just can’t miss. From the moment she left is yet another winner. Well done Susan Lewis. Keep them coming.

  • Kolosa says:

    This is such an interesting book to read about.Can’t wait for the copy of the book

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